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Ethan's Travel Story

Ethan Hallowell's Travel Story

Q: What song do you have on repeat when you travel?
I am a music junkie and I love using flights to catch up on any new albums that are out. Personal favorites right now: Death Cab, 'YE, Greta Van Fleet.

Q: Do you ever get cold on the plane? If so, do you ring the flight attendant for a blanket or do you just endure and suffer? 
I never want to be that person that draws attention and bugs the flight attendant, so most likely I will suffer. But usually I've got my John Elliott travel sweatsuit on which is sufficient.

Q: How far in advance do you book a trip for?
I am pretty neurotic about my calendar, so if I can - I like to book several months in advance. Unfortunately, for work things - they pop up with only a week or two weeks notice. 

Q: What is your favorite beach vacation to visit?
International: Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Domestic: Alki Beach in Seattle, WA.

Q: What is the one personal product you can't travel without? 
iPad Pro. I've got a nifty Apple pencil - I love to sketch on it, work on it and I keep all my current Netflix binges on it so there are no shortage of entertainment options there. 

Q: AirBnB or Hotels?
I'm a couch surfer over everything - but when my friends are without vacancy I'll opt for a hotel.

Q: What is your favorite thing to order from room service?
Not much beats Hawaiian pizza w/ ranch dressing. Add some strawberry ice cream and make it a party.

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a travel trip?
I'm the guy sprinting through the airport to make my flight. One time I got to the airport with minutes to spare but the flight ended up being delayed. I convinced my friend we had time to have a "nice" sit down dinner in the terminal. We didn't. Ended up missing the flight from 20 yards away.

Q: Do you bring a physical book or just read on your iPad?
Right now I am pretty hooked on podcasts and audible. Living in NYC and being able to throw something hands-free into my commute is huge. They Call Me Supermensch and The Bob Lefsetz Podcast are two personal favorites.

Q: Do you work out when you travel, or nah?
I try to get a swim in right when I land to beat the jet lag. Other than that, I love to throw on some beats, walk around the city and just get lost. If that somehow turns into a run, even better.

Q: If you could time travel, what age would you travel back to?
You can catch me in the 70s at Studio 54.

Q: Favorite movie?
Old School. 

Q: Favorite musician?
Currently: Dermot Kennedy or my very good friend, Caroline Jones. Historically: Pearl Jam.

Q: What is the most you've ever paid for wifi in a hotel room?
Probably the classic unreasonably high rate for how little I actually use it... Airplanes are where they get ya. I've paid $40 for a 3-hour flight and ended up not using it because of turbulence.  I am no economist but that seems a little financially irresponsible.

Q: What's the most expensive thing you've gotten confiscated at TSA? 
A bottle of Le Labo 33. That one hurt.

Q: Let's travel back through time, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A musician.  My first concert ever was Elton John in Seattle when I was 10 - I was convinced that I was going to grow up to be a rockstar like him. Despite possessing zero musical talent, I forced my mom to get me piano lessons. Unfortunately, the dream only lasted 3 months until my piano teacher quit on me.

Q: Favorite childhood book?
My favorite childhood book would have to be "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," by Judith Viorst. 

Q: Favorite childhood movie you watched all the time?
I still get nightmares from the original "Jumanji" but "Heavyweights" is an all time favorite. 




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