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Augusta Falletta's Travel Story

Augusta Falletta's Travel Story

Q: What song do you have on repeat when you travel?
I love to listen to podcasts or watch Netflix shows when I travel. Right now I'm on Riverdale and the podcast Royally Obsessed.

Q: Do you ever get cold on the plane? If so, do you ring the flight attendant for a blanket or do you just endure and suffer? 
I try to prepare for a flight by bringing a sweater and a couple layers. If my sweater isn't with me, I'll absolutely call for a blanket.   

Q: How far in advance do you book a trip for?
For personal trips, I like to book 9 months in advance so that I can plan out an entire year at a time (I'm pretty Type A). For work trips, I usually book flights one month in advance.

Q: What is your favorite beach vacation to visit?
Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. My fiance and I went for two weeks, and it was the best trip of my life.  The beaches, hiking, snorkeling, and the people there are amazing.

Q: What is the one personal product you can't travel without? 
My slippers! I wear them constantly when I'm home and traveling with them makes me feel so much more at ease when I'm in a new place. 

Q: AirBnB or Hotels?
Hotels when I'm solo, AirBnB when I'm with friends. It's mostly a security thing.

Q: What is your favorite thing to order from room service?
A burger, fries and a side salad — though the salad is almost never eaten!

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a travel trip?
There's an answer to this, but it's coming with me to my grave. 



Q: Do you work out when you travel, or nah?
I like to work out when I travel, it definitely helps to make me to feel more energized after a long flight.

Q: If you could time travel, what age would you travel back to?
In my heart of hearts I'm a grandma, so I'd travel forward to 70 years old. 

Q: Favorite movie?
A Star Is Born. 

Q: Favorite musician?
Bill Withers - all his songs are classics.

Q: What is the most you've ever paid for wifi in a hotel room?
$0 — unlimited data, baby.

Q: What's the most expensive thing you've gotten confiscated at TSA?
I've never had anything confiscated by TSA *knocks on wood* I always try and make sure my items are carry-on approved!

Q: Let's travel back through time, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I recently found my journal from high school - I wrote that I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I came pretty close!

Q: Favorite childhood book?
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

Q: Favorite childhood movie you watched all the time?
The Aristocats. Every year the night before school started, I'd watch it before I went to bed. It was definitely a favorite. 

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