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Allie's Travel Story

Allie Rizzo's Travel Story

Q: What song do you have on repeat when you travel?
Depends on what song I'm currently obsessed with - right now I’m listening to Visions of Gideon by Sufjan Stevens. It plays at the end of “call me by your name” which is the best movie I’ve seen in awhile.

Q: Do you ever get cold on the plane? If so, do you ring the flight attendant for a blanket or do you just endure and suffer? 
I'm always cold on planes so I usually carry a sweater & wear socks.

Q: How far in advance do you book a trip for?
Last minute...for some reason I get more anxiety booking in advance. 

Q: Favorite beach vacation to visit?
Turks and Caicos

Q: What is the one personal product you can't travel without? 
Toothbrush / deodorant / contact solution all equally important.  I also love the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, it smells amazing and I like to keep one in my bag. 

Q: AirBnB or Hotels?
Hotels. I like the convenience of room service. Also, the idea of staying in someone elses house creeps me out. What if some random family member decides to pop over / did they really wash the sheets?

Q: What is your favorite thing to order from room service?
Coffee in the morning...wine in the evening. And if I'm on vacation, I'll order pancakes and pasta.

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a travel trip?
Running through the airport with my luggage - on the brink of almost missing my flight. That is always slightly embarrassing.

Q: Do you bring a physical book or just read on your iPad?
iPad or phone.

Q: Do you work out when you travel, or nah?
Never - I have a hard enough time working out at home ;)

Q: If you could time travel, what age would you travel back to?
Sometimes I think about being 19 again and all the non-stop travel.  I loved the experience! But living alone in Paris, London, Australia sometimes made me homesick - and I dreamed of having a homebase and staying put.

Q: Favorite movie?
Favorite movie is Notting Hill - it's a classic.

Q: Favorite musician?
Of all time? Probably Stevie Nicks.  Ray Lamontagnes album “trouble” is a favorite too.

Q: What is the most you've ever paid for wifi in a hotel room?
The most I've paid is probably $40 at a hotel in Europe.

Q: What's the most expensive thing you've gotten confiscated at TSA? 
My perfume - a brand new bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy. Someone enjoyed it I’m sure.

Q: Let's travel back through time, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer or animal activist.

Q: Favorite childhood book?
Harry Potter was the first book I really loved and couldn’t put down.. I’m still waiting for my hogwarts acceptance letter. 

Q: Favorite childhood movie you watched all the time?
Swiss family Robinson. The amount of times I watched this movie is concerning.




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